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Savory Snack Bars Are On The Rise And Traina Foods Is Your Partner

Feb 28, 2022

A new trend is emerging in the ever-growing snack bar category—savory bars. These bars are being marketed as mini meal replacements. Companies are exploring both plant and meat-based bars with sustainability in mind.*

Traina® Foods sustainably produces all its ingredients and can be your partner in developing savory bars.

Using fruits with no added sugar can effectively balance a savory bar. Our cherries, blueberries, diced fruits contain no added sugar and provide natural fruit flavor to enhance savory applications. Pizza flavors are always popular and our sun dried tomato products pack intense flavor complementing delicious mini-meal replacements. Our granulated orange, lemon and lime can be used to create new bars with no added sugar, zero food waste ingredients and an on-trend flavor.

Over the next 12 months, we expect to see significantly greater buzz around savory snack bars, with projected interest in the space growing by nearly 250%, albeit from a low base” said Ranjana Sundaresan, a lead research analyst at Spoonshot.*

Savory bars appeal to a wider range of consumer lifestyles and diets and satisfy the desire for new and innovative flavors.* The key is flavor, texture, and forms that satisfy consumer’s desire for wholesome alternatives and indulgence.

Sun dried tomato cut variations

Traina® Foods offers a wide array of sun dried tomato products ready to serve as an ingredient in your savory bar line. We offer diced, double diced, finely diced, julienned, and powders in conventional, organic and salted varieties.

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