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Dried Fruit: The Solution to Nutritious Eating on the Go

For those that are trying to eat healthy and with a focus on more whole and plant-based foods, temptation is at every corner! Not planning properly for a busy day can easily result in a drive-through meal — and a detour from the nutritious eating plan. However,...


Adding a Healthy Element to Dessert with Dried Fruit

There’s no denying that Americans need to eat more fruit. Studies show that a diet full of nutrient-dense fruit and vegetables is essential in maintaining one’s health and even reducing the risk of a multitude of diseases. Traina® Home Grown’s naturally sun dried...


Sweets for Spring and Summer Featuring Dried Fruit

While dried fruit is a perfectly and naturally sweet treat all on its own, this post is all about the really decadent sweet stuff! Traina® Home Grown offers some ways to add dried fruit into classic sweets.   Cinnamon Rolls — A delightfully decadent way to start...


The Benefits of Tomatoes in a Plant-Forward Diet

For those that life a healthy lifestyle based on a plant-forward diet, tomatoes are great sources of nutrients, are naturally delicious… and it’s been discovered that tomatoes may even contain skin-cancer fighting properties!  Just one tomato can provide 40 percent...


Demand for Dried Blueberries on the Rise

Dried blueberries may have been one of the more under-the-radar dried fruits. But no longer! The peppy little dried super-fruit is about to have it’s day in the sun… (pun intended!).  According to the recent HTF Market Report published in part on Digital Journal,...

Dried blueberries

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